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Welcome to Inflection Point Capital Management:
the world’s first multi-strategy asset management advisory boutique offering exclusively sustainability-enhanced investment products across a broad range of asset classes.

Inflection Point Capital Management is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative joint venture with Groupe La Française, a major European fund manager with approximately $50 billion in assets under management. As a result of this initiative, IPCM is now advising on roughly $1 billion in existing equity strategies, and will create and launch one or more new funds seeded by La Française. All of the strategies will be managed using IPCM’s Strategically Aware Investing™ approach, which combines traditional fundamental and quantitative financial analysis with an in-depth and forward-looking assessment of companies’ strategic management and execution capabilities.

The collaboration comprises two sister entities. In the initial phase, IPCM UK will be the research, analysis, product engineering, and business development hub, based in London. La Française Inflection Point (LFIP) will house the portfolio management team in Paris. Over time, IPCM UK is also expected to be managing assets directly. IPCM founder Dr Matthew Kiernan will be Chief Executive of IPCM UK, and Managing Director of LFIP.


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