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Japan's Stewardship Code


“Remarkable vision… to pro-actively promote good governance, along with world class environmental and social practices”

4 February 2015: Groupe La Française and Inflection Point Capital Management today commit as the latest international signatories to Japan’s Stewardship Code.

The 7-point Code, capturing a set of Principles detailing sound approaches to responsible investment, was developed by a Japanese Government convened Expert Committee during 2013-2014 and was launched in February 2014. The Code allows large investment institutions to highlight their commitment to include a range of governance, environmental and social considerations in their long-term investment policy-making and investment decision-making.

Dr Matthew Kiernan, Founder and Chief Executive of IPCM, explains: “The Stewardship Code highlights remarkable vision by the Japanese Government to pro-actively promote good governance, along with world class environmental and social practices, as a route to greater Japanese corporate success in a highly competitive global economy. IPCM is delighted to become a signatory to the Code today.” Xavier Lépine, Chairman of La Française, commented: “We view the Japanese investment market and the influence of Japanese investors and companies around the world as a crucial component of 21st Century global economic vibrancy, financial stability and balanced growth. It is a genuine honour for La Française to become a signatory to the FSA’s Stewardship Code.”



IPCM's statement on Japan's Stewardship Code

IPCM's letter of commitment to Japan's Stewardship Code

Press release — English version

Press release — Japanese version

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