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Responsible investing

Inflection Point Capital Management has a deep commitment to long term investment and a demonstrated track record of implementing responsible investment principles in practice. Our investment process reflects a progressive and responsible approach to conducting our business.

IPCM  CEO Dr Matthew Kiernan was the founder of Innovest Strategic Value Advisor, a global pioneer in sustainable investment research, where he also served as Chief Executive. He is a recognized and respected thought leader in the sustainability space having written many articles and authored several books including Investing in a Sustainable World. Dr Kiernan was instrumental in both the design and implementation of a number of innovative, “sustainability-enhanced” investment products in the past 20 years.

We have a world renowned team of responsible investment experts including, beside Dr. Matthew Kiernan, David Pitt-Watson, Donald McDonald, Paul Clements Hunt, Andrew White, Heather Langser, Perrine Dutronc, Jessica Casey and Gordon Noble.  We recognise the ‘ESG’ link to outperformance, based on our extensive reviews of relevant academic and industry research on this topic and our own in-house quantitative analysis of sustainability signals.

Details of our responsible investment credentials:

  • La Française Group became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2010. LFIP is a signatory to the PRI as part of the La Française Group. IPCM is also a signatory to the PRI as a service provider.
  • Paul Clements-Hunt, Principal at IPCM, was a founding Director of the PRI, and served on its Board for 6 years.
  • Donald MacDonald, a Board member of IPCM, has been the first PRI Chair and is the current IIGCC Chair.
  • Dr. Matthew Kiernan was a member of the Expert Committee which helped draft the UN PRI principles
  • IPCM is a member of the UNEP-FI is co-chairing the institution through IPCM’s senior strategic advisor David Pitt-Watson (founder-CEO of Focus Funds and Equity Ownership Service)
  • Gordon Noble was one of the first employees of the Secretariat of the PRI and has been responsible for a number of responsible investment innovations including the foundation of the Responsible Investment Academy.