26 June 2017

IPCM joins the Transition Pathway Initiative

The Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI), an asset owner-led initiative now supported by funds with over £3 trillion in assets under management, has launched its first assessment of carbon performance covering the electricity utilities sector. 

Inflection Point Capital Management is one of the new partners in the initiative. IPCM Founder and CEO Dr Matthew Kiernan greeted the publication warmly, saying “IPCM and LFIP applaud and support The Transition Pathway Initiative. We welcome the TPI for its rigour and transparency. IPCM and LFIP have long held the belief that to uncover a company’s true management quality, you need to systematically take into account various non-traditional factors, including environmental sustainability, and how those factors impact the company’s risk management and value drivers going forward.”

Responding to the report were Russell Picot, Chair of HSBC Pensions Board and Special Advisor to the TCFD, Tom Joy, Director of Investments for the Church Commissioners for England and Helena Vines Fiestas, Head of Sustainability Research at BNP Paribas Asset Management. Further members will be announced at the time of the next report launch for the top 20 mining companies in July.


The Financial Times has published an article on the report which FT subscribers can find here.



TPI Report Carbon Performance Assessment of Electricity Utilities: A Commentary

TPI Press Release

PowerPoint Presentation delivered by Professor Simon Dietz, Co-Director of the Grantham Research Institute at LSE

Introduction to TPI (PDF brochure)


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